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fashioncontest's Journal

The Fashion Challenge
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Submit your outfit and compete to be the best!
Show us your style! Every two weeks there will be a challenge given to you to create an outfit. You can use vintage thrift finds, clothes from the mall, designer goods, and even your own creations. Add your personal style to each outfit whether it's girly, preppy, punky, urban, whatever! Model your outfit and take a picture(or have someone take a picture of you). Just read the rules and you can join!

1. No 18+ content.
2. Post where you got each piece of the outfit. If it's vintage or thrift, just specify that.
3. You aren't required to show your face in the picture if you're not comfortable with that.
4. Winner will be chosen by voting by members. You can't vote for youself.
5. There will be a 1st place winner and a mod's choice. (As the community grows, more winner spots)
6. One full frontal shot of your outfit is required, but if you could show us the back or details as well, that would be great.
7. Be respectful to all the members! You're free to have different tastes, but there's no need to personally attack anyone!

Looking for some graphics makers to help with layout and award banners.